Hello my lovelies! How’s going?

I’m a bit tired, these days had been crazy ;) I went to a concert on Tuesday. I went to visit a university. I went shopping and to a 18th birthday party on Wednesday. I went to the mountains to spend some time with my grandparents on Saturday. And yesterday I started looking for flights and a place to stay in London. Yeeeeep, I’m going to London in September with my friends! Can’t wait!

Talking about shopping, I have to admit that I might have a problem. I got a lot of things. Really a lot. But I loved them so much. I couldn’t not buy all that stuff!

From Zara I got a super cute tee with two unicorns, a blazer that I absolutely adore, a very summery t-shirt with bright colors and a rain forest, a white chiffon blouse with black tigers, a pair of jeans shorts and a black&gold “kiss” belt.

2013-07-11 14.07.332013-07-11 14.08.50 2013-07-11 14.14.29 2013-07-11 14.15.47 2013-07-11 14.19.162013-07-15 11.23.14 

Then from Alcott I bought a super cool mini dress with bright colors, a chiffon blouse with a lot of mini skulls (I particularly liked the back side) and a blue and orange with some colorful details.

2013-07-11 14.11.27 2013-07-11 14.12.43 2013-07-11 14.13.29 2013-07-15 11.21.28

I passed through Bershka and Tezenis and I bought a tricot pullover and a pair of satin pajamas shorts.

2013-07-11 14.10.30 2013-07-15 11.26.21

I also went to Kiko and I got a lovely red-orange long lasting lipstick, an eye brush duo with a cylindrical thin part and a flat’s cat tongue brush on the other side and a ready-to-go fluo patch nail lacquer.

2013-07-15 11.15.02 2013-07-15 11.15.50 2013-07-15 11.16.04 2013-07-15 11.17.02 2013-07-15 11.24.10

I’m very happy of what I bought ^.^

This week I had time to do a nail art. Hope you like it.

2013-07-09 17.24.19 2013-07-09 17.24.27 2013-07-09 17.24.41 2013-07-09 17.25.02

I used this method. I really liked this two colors together. As usual feel free to share with me your nail arts on Twitter (@AllegraPiccio) or on Instagram (@allegoricalle). Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook (yes, I have a page on Fb now, allegralovesfashion), Twitter, Instagram and Fashiolistas.

Love you all, A.



Last Friday I had the last part of my exam and I can say IT’S OFFICIALLY OVER! BYE BYE HIGH SCHOOL! WELCOME HOLIDAYS!

It’s amazing. Finally I can do a lot of things that I couldn’t do during the year. I can read books. I can go out with my friends. I can revolutionize my room. And, obviously, I can write a lot of new posts and try new products and new nail arts and stuff like that. I LOVE BEING ON HOLIDAY.

In my last post I forgot to tell you that I also got my driver license. Yeeee!! I love driving!!

By the way this had been a very long year. I met new people. I made new friends. I also understood a couple of things. I changed. I grew up. And I’m proud of what I am. I don’t care about what people, or at least some people, think of me.

I’m braver and more self-confident. And I like who I am now.

Remember that it’s important to like yourself, no matter what. And I’m not just talking about your character but also about your body. You have to take care of both of them. That’s why I liked so much this video.

Talking about me, one thing I usually do, for example, is to buy a little gift for me now and then. Like I did Friday night in Milan when I got this amazing yellow fluo plastic bag from Alcott (even if today and tomorrow sales starts here in Italy sooo I can’t wait to go shopping with my BFFs!)

2013-07-02 14.31.17

I know school is just finished and I should take a break but now but I’m worried about my future. What should I choose now? What I have to do?

It’s a very difficult choice. But at least I have some ideas. I just have to think very carefully what I want to do in my life. Not that complicated ahahah.

I have a lot of ideas for my blog (and also a lot of free time to write them down) so stay tuned!

As usual feel free to share with me photos of your outfits or nail arts on Twitter (@allegrapiccio) or on Instagram (@allegoricalle). You can follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and also Fashiolistas.

Love you all, A.