Hi sweeties! Did you miss me?

How’s going? I’m a bit tired because of school, it’s driving me crazy ugh!

I started doing the Coco Chanel paper I talked you about in my last post. The problem is I need a title and I’m looking for something catchy. Can you help me?

Last week-end I went to the mall with one of my BBFs because we needed to take a break from studying. I got some cute nail polishes (I’m kinda obsessed, I know)and an eyelash curler. I bought a lovely sparkling pink from the Sugar Mat collection that gives a strange rough effect (that I found out it’s called “sand effect” btw), a dark red-purple color from the Magnetic collection with a new spiral magnet and a beautiful gold from the Celebration collection.

Then I passed through H&M and I caught a white polka dot tank top, a super basic black mini and a pair of black ballerinas that is so comfy! I think I’m going to buy them also in another color because I like them so much! And I want to glue on them some studs sooo stay tuned for my DIY ;)

On Friday (OMG Friday 17th! Luckily nothing bad happened) I went to the city center because I had to buy a present for a friend of mine and I got the FakeUp concealer from Benefit (02-medium). I have to admit that even if it doesn’t have a high coverage, it doesn’t go into the wrinkles under the eyes and it stays on all day without making you look cakey, giving a very natural look. It’s quite expensive (€25,50). Vote: 7,5.

In my last post I also told you I got the new foundation Stay-Matte Oil-free from Clinique  and I absolutely love it! It has a medium to high coverage and it actually stay matte all day even if my skin is super oily. I usually apply some setting powder on my T-zone just to be sure but it’s not necessary. Also the color matches perfectly with my skin (n. 02-Alabaster). I think it’s perfect for me because it covers all my acne scars and my rednesses and it’s not cakey at all. For a foundation like this, it’s not so high-priced (€28,50). Vote: 9

In these days I’ve also tried the dry shampoo from Garnier. In my opinion it’s better than the one from Sephora because it doesn’t cost so much, it works better and there is much more product. Vote: 8

Have you ever tried one of these products? What do you think?

Last week I tried the half-moon manicure and I kinda liked it, it’s very cute for every type of nails. I used this trick but I put the adhesive further down ;) Hope you’ll find it useful.

2013-01-19 17.41.22


This is the result. Next time I’ll try it with other colors.



As usual feel free to share with me your nail arts on Twitter (@AllegraPiccio) or on Instagram (@allegoricalle).

Have a nice week. Love, A.



Hi my lovelies! I’m late. I know. But during the week-end I was pretty busy. In fact I finally found the topic I want to talk about during my final exam in June/July. When I told to my classmates what I was going to speak about, they burst out laughing. Actually I don’t mind what they think. Soooo, the winner is *drum roll* COCO CHANEL!

As I told you at the beginning of this beautiful experience, I started blogging because I literally love fashion. Talking about this paper, my teachers told me to pick up a topic that I really like. At first I thought about NYC (I freaking love that city) but last Friday I changed my mind. I haven’t decided yet what subjects I’m going to bring but I have to choose between Italian (D’Annunzio), English (Wilde), Science (minerals, Coco also created jewels) and Art (de Chirico’s mannequin). Can you help me please?

In addition I’ve just found out that Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld cast Keira Knightley to play Coco in his new short film to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first-ever Chanel boutique. The film, called “Once upon a time…”, will debut in Singapore on May 8th and you can watch it online on chanel-news.com. Can’t wait! In the meanwhile, watch the trailer here ;)

During the week-end I also went out with a friend of mine. We have known each other since we were children but we haven’t seen in years. Some time ago I discovered that we go to the same high school so in order to catch up on lost time we decided to have a coffee together and have shopping in the city center.

We went to Zara (but I didn’t get anything..) and to Sephora. Here I got a new foundation from Clinique called Stay-Matte Oil-Free (I watched a review on Youtube and I wanted to try it) and a gift for my mom about which I can’t tell anything because she reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil her the surprise (yes mom, I really got something for you for mom’s day).

I have to admit that we had a lovely afternoon and I hope we’re going to do that again asap.

Unfortunately here in Milan spring hasn’t sprung yet (sigh). These days were soooo rainy and my hair are flatter than usual. I thought it would’ve been nice to share with you some tips I found on Beautylish. Hope it’ll be useful for you too!

On the official H&M page on Facebook I discovered the new campaign with Beyoncè and I have to say that I love her! She’s amazing!

Talking about nails I bumped into this two super cute new designs. The first is from Ciatè while the second one is from Pupa. Which one is your favorite? I like them both!

Btw these are my NOTW. What do you think? This is the tutorial I took inspiration from. As usual, if you want to share with me yours nail arts, you can mention me on Twitter (@allegrapiccio) or on Instagram (@allegoricalle).

IMG-20130417-WA0001 IMG-20130417-WA0002

Last but not least I wanted to share with you a giveaway from Blasfemmes. Keep finger crossed!

I’m so sorry but I think I won’t be able to update anything for a few weeks. I hope you understand, school is keeping me  very busy and I have a lot of things to do. As soon as I can I will post a lot of interesting things.

Don’t miss me too much ;)

Love, A.